How Do Counterfeiters Operate?


Very often counterfeiters selling replica Tiffany Jewelry create their own websites that are written very convincingly. They lure customers by telling them how their products are similar to the original Tiffany jewelry. However, consumers often end up with replica Tiffany jewelry that is in no way similar to the pictures shown on the website. Many counterfeiters reside in countries that do not provide strict consumer protection laws; hence, counterfeiters may take advantage of such relaxed laws by processing your payment and not dispatching your order. Therefore, the much awaited replica Tiffany ring or bracelet may not reach you at all or even if it does it may be either rusted or broken. These counterfeiters are only concerned about making profits and not about consumer satisfaction. On the other hand Tiffany has built a good reputation after centuries of hard work with an aim to give customers a positive experience: owning a genuine piece of Tiffany jewelry.